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List of reviewers 2020

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the following reviewers who reviewed papers for the Acta logistica in 2020.
Reviewers of the Acta logistica 2020:
Dr. Miriam Andrejiová Slovak Republic
Dr. Katarzyna Antosz Poland
Dr. Michal Balog Slovak Republic
Dr. Annamária Behúnová Slovak Republic
Dr. Mohd Hazizan bin Mohd Hashim Malaysia
Dr. Gábor Bohács Hungary
Dr. Pavol Božek Slovak Republic
Dr. Dagmar Cagáňová Slovak Republic
Dr. Václav Cempírek Czech Republic
Dr. György Czifra Hungary
Dr. Rinat Faizullin Russian Federation
Dr. Gabriel Fedorko Slovak Republic
Dr. Helena Fidlerová Slovak Republic
Dr. Marcin Flieger Poland
Dr. Ekbert Hering Germany
Dr. Natália Horňáková Slovak Republic
Dr. Daniel Huang Thailand
Dr. Katarzyna Huk Poland
Dr. Soňa Hurná Czech Republic
Dr. Rudolf Kampf Czech Republic
Dr. Iryna Khozhylo Ukraine
Dr. Lucia Knapčíková Slovak Republic
Dr. György Kovács Hungary
Dr. Martin Krajčovič Slovak Republic
Dr. Ivan Kuric Slovak Republic
Dr. Mateusz Kurowski Poland
Dr. Martin Lampa Czech Republic
Dr. Marcela Lascsáková Slovak Republic
Dr. Radim Lenort Czech Republic
Dr. Erika Loučanová Slovak Republic
Dr. Helena Makyšová Slovak Republic
Dr. Tomasz Malkus Poland
Dr. Ignacio Alejandro Olivares Chapa Mexico
Dr. Miriam Pekarčíková Slovak Republic
Dr. Olga Mihailovna Perminova Russian Federation
Dr. Richard Pospisil Czech Republic
Dr. Nikolay Fedorovich Revenko Russian Federation
Dr. Diana Sánchez-Partida Mexico
Dr. Sebastian Saniuk Poland
Dr. Dana Strachotová Czech Republic
Dr. Tomasz Szczepanik Poland
Dr. Daniela Špirková Slovak Republic
Dr. Pavel Wicher Czech Republic
Dr. Krzysztof Witkowski Poland
Dr. Krzysztof Zima Poland
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