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Acta Logistica

Aim and Scope

The aim of the Journal Acta logistica (AL) is to provide the academic platform in industrial logistics fields, including transport, education and pedagogy in logistics, science and research in logistics, which are available to the general public and those interested in logistics and transportation, including students, academics as well as industry experts. The papers offer imaginative and creative solutions to specific logistical and transport problems. The journal aims to promote and provide young scientists and educators with the opportunity to publish original research to create future professionals in this field and act as the driving force of the economy and society.

The output and establishment of the magazine is a direct consequence of the requirements of the European market for a specialized non-business magazine. Acta logistica (AL) - International Scientific Journal about Logistics is a non-trade journal focused on logistics, not only in Central Europe. Acta logistica is opened journal with free articles for all readers with open access platform. The editors intend to attract experts in the field and anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of logistics, transport, education, and pedagogy in this area.

The journal focuses mainly on original, interesting, new and quality, theoretical, practical and application-oriented contributions to the scientific fields and research and pedagogy and training in logistics and transport.

Acta logistica scientific journal focuses mainly on those industries that have an impact on logistics or are part of logistics (and not just about them):

Algorithmization and Programming
Application and Practical Research
Autonomous Systems
Business and Commercial Services
CAD/CAM Systems
Clarke-Wright savings algorithm
Combined Transport
Design of Logistic and Transport Systems
Discrete and Continuous Systems
Distribution and Transport
Economy and the Sectoral Economy
Education and Pedagogy
Electric Cars
Electronic Data Interchange
E-Logistics and E-Business
Ergonomics and Workplace Design
Financial Flows Management
Freight Transport
Human Resources Management
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Management
Information Flows Management
Inside Transportation
Inventory Management
Job-Shop and Flow-Shop Systems
Location Tasks
Logistic Information Systems
Material Handling
Methodology and Theory
Milk Run Logistics
Multi-Criteria Decision Making
Operating Processes
Operational Research
Optimization and Streamlining
Outside Transportation
Production and Manufacturing
Production Planning and Control
Project Management
Public Transport
Purchase and Supply
Quality, Reliability, Maintenance Engineering
Queuing Systems
Rail, Air, Truck, Sea Transportation
Reverse Logistics
Salesman Tasks
Service Engineering
Simulation and Modelling
Statistical Analysis
Strategy and Orders Management
Supply Chain Management
Systems of Automatic Identification
Traffic Systems
Vehicle Routing Problem
Waste Management
Work and Case Studies
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